Yemi Osinbajo suggests ways Nigeria can overcome insecurity

yemi osinbajo suggests ways nigeria can overcome insecurity
yemi osinbajo suggests ways nigeria can overcome insecurity

There have been suggestions from Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on how Nigeria might deal with the security difficulties it is currently facing.

According to Osinbajo, Nigeria’s military and other relevant stakeholders need to be several steps ahead of culprits while simultaneously increasing indigenous weaponry production.

After receiving a presentation on “Defence Transformation and National Security: Strategic Options for Nigeria of the Future” from the National Defense College Course 30 participants during a virtual interaction, he announced this late Wednesday, August 3.

As Osinbajo stated, “If you look at the problems that we are facing and the nature of those issues, it is apparent that we need to be many steps ahead of non-state actors, in particular, who are perpetrators of this asymmetric warfare.”

It is evident that given present realities in our security situation, there is definitely every need for us to fast-forward all our plans for the future so that we can be considerably more effective in dealing with both current dangers and those that we will face in the future,” he added.

What I see as a low-hanging fruit when it comes to some of the hardware that we will require is the topic of local manufacturing of military weaponry. I believe that we need to take a closer look at the local production of our gear, starting with weapons, at this time.

Even in the more developed economies of the globe, during the First and Second World Wars, these issues led to the establishment of respective military-industrial complexes. Today, we face a major problem since there are so many combat zones. There are numerous police stations and patrols around the country.

Our military-industrial complex will never be developed if we continue to import rather than build our own military-industrial complex if we say that local companies should create some of the mobile platforms such as Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Multi-Role Armoured Vehicles (MRAVs).”

Furthermore, Osinbajo emphasised the importance of transparency when it comes to the acquisition of gear for the military and security services.

When you hear, “We don’t have adequate equipment,” there must be accountability, he stated. An accountability system that ensures that the Ministry of Defense can track and report on military spending is something I’d want to see in place.”

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