Troops rescues 187 people from Bandits

troops rescues 187 people from bandits
troops rescues 187 people from bandits

A sweeping operation against kidnappers by the Nigerian government led to the rescue of 187 people kidnapped by armed gangs in the northwestern state of Zamfara, police said.

For some time now, Zamfara has been the scene of kidnappings carried out by heavily armed bandits who have targeted schools, villages, and people traveling on highways for ransom.

Last month, the government shut down telecommunication services in Zamfara and other states to disrupt coordination between the gangs.

According to Mohammed Shehu, the police spokesman for Zamfara, 187 people, including women and children, were abducted from four local government areas in the state some weeks ago.

He stated, “We have conducted assaults on identified bandits’ locations in different parts of the state to eliminate all activities of criminal elements and recalcitrant bandits in the state.”.

Police circulated photos and videos of people in torn clothes who were waiting for transportation back to their homes as they sat in the back of the car awaiting transportation.

Over time, armed gangs have become more bold, attacking army outposts, stealing prisoners from jails, and shooting down an air force jet in July.

It has been reported that bandits driven out of Zamfara have poured into neighbouring states and are causing havoc.

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