Twin blasts hit Uganda’s capital, killing two and injuring many

twin blasts hit uganda's capital, killing two and injuring many
twin blasts hit uganda’s capital, killing two and injuring many

On Tuesday, two explosions rocked the center of Uganda’s capital, killing at least two people and setting many vehicles ablaze, according to local news.

According to NTV Uganda, “scores” of people were wounded in two explosions, one of which occurred extremely close to the parliament building and the other near the central police station. According to the television network, the parliament building was being evacuated.

According to an NTV Uganda reporter, he observed two corpses. It was not immediately obvious what had caused the explosions.

“Red Cross employees were among the first responders who used fire extinguishers to bring the blaze on Parliamentary Avenue under control,” the station stated on Twitter.

The spokesman for the Ugandan military, Brigadier Flavia Byekwaso, told Reuters that there had been “several” explosions and “many” injuries, but she refused to provide any other information.

Irene Nakasiita, a spokesman for the Uganda Red Cross, said that further information regarding the explosions will be released later. Requests for response from the media were not immediately returned by a representative for the Ugandan police.

An African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia is battling terrorists affiliated to al Qaeda, known as the al Shabaab, who are being fought by Ugandan troops. Al Shabaab has carried out a number of fatal bombs in Uganda, killing dozens of people.

Last month, the Islamic State claimed credit for a bombing in Uganda, marking the group’s first claim of culpability. A waitress was murdered by a device that was packed with shrapnel and detonated at a restaurant.

Also last month, Ugandan police said that a suicide bomber detonated himself on a bus, killing himself and wounding many other passengers.

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