Two days after bandit attack Abuja-Kaduna road , dozens still missing

two days after bandit attack abuja kaduna road , dozens still missing
two days after bandit attack abuja kaduna road , dozens still missing

Many individuals are still missing two days after the bandit attack on the Abuja-Kaduna highway.

Alhaji Sagir Hamidu, a former Director of Protocol in the Federal Capital Territory and a Zamfara State 2019 gubernatorial hopeful, was killed in Sunday’s assault, while a number of persons were still missing.

Immediately after the incident, security officers, rescue workers, and commuters saw a large number of abandoned automobiles and vehicles that had drifted off the road.

First big assault since September 14, when bandits murdered one police officer and kidnapped Zamfara’s Emir, Alhaji Hassan Atto, outside Dutse village in Zamfara State, according to Daily Trust reports. Many people were allegedly snatched on Monday by kidnappers who returned to the roadway after Sunday’s raid.

The kidnappers returned to the highway at 4:30 p.m. and started fire on passing vehicles, according to the Daily Nigerian newspaper.

There were less than five kilometers between where the terrorists attacked on Sunday, according to the report, which cited unnamed insiders.

According to Lawan Sani, a witness who was driving down the road soon after this occurrence he saw at least four abandoned automobiles that had been damaged by the incident.

Commotion and fear may be seen in the neighborhood.” Armed forces responded fairly immediately, but the robbers completed their heist quickly and escaped into the jungle with a large number of victims.

One additional vehicle I couldn’t recall the make and type of was seen by me: an 18-seater bus belonging to the Zamfara Mass Transit. There were no passengers in any of the cars when they were invaded by gunshots,” Lawan said.

It was not possible to contact the Kaduna State Police Command’s spokesman Mohammed Jalige, who was unavailable at the time of this report.

Some residents and security experts, citing the two events in 24 hours, claimed that the only way to deal with the bandits was to maintain constant monitoring along the route.

At times, “we only see active monitoring on the highway when the terrorists commit a huge assault,” Maikano Ali, a farmer in the hamlet of Rijano, said.

“And the procedure is just a few days long…….”

If you don’t want to see them all the time, they’ll simply fade away, he added.

Another villager who refused to reveal his identity remarked that the robbers had a good sense of when to strike.

“They spend weeks traveling on the road, joining other passengers on public transportation to observe the situation until they are satisfied that the security agents have eased patrol before they would attack,” he added.

During a question regarding female troops on the road, he said, “They are not stationed in one spot and you seldom see them as well. Is it possible that they are operating in plainclothes, but we need a new strategy?”

After the incident on the Abuja-Kaduna expressway on Sunday, the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Mudassiru Abdullahi, announced that security personnel had rescued 11 people.

In spite of this, he did not provide more information on how the victims were saved or their names.

There is a new strategy in place to protect drivers on the roadway, says the commissioner.

He remembered that the route was safe for approximately a month before this most recent event occurred.

To prevent a repeat of the incident, “we will re-strategize and we are urging to passengers not to avoid the Kaduna-Abuja route,” he added.

Kaduna State Commissioner of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, and security officials were at the site of the event when the travelers were attacked at Kurmin Jama’a (sometimes referred to as Kurmin Kare) in Kachia Local Government Area.

At 12 noon, a grey Toyota Highlander with an Abuja plate number ABJ-858NB belonging to the late FCT director Hamidu was still at the site.

It had five gunshot holes and a pair of bloodstained shoes on the back seat, too.

About a dozen spent bullet casings were also collected by security personnel before the Toyota was hauled to the Katari Police station for safekeeping.

It has been reported that some of the abandoned automobiles on the highway have been taken to police stations, while others have been reclaimed by their owners who were able to retreat into the bushes before they were taken.

APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) have been deployed along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway to increase security and ensure that security personnel are on the hunt for the bandits who abducted an unknown number of civilians, according to Aruwan.

A combined operation is now taking place throughout the state’s front lines, indicating that the state’s security forces are on the job.” Assuringly, he said, “the security forces and the state administration are not sleeping.”

He urged residents of the Kaduna axis of the route to assist the state’s security forces by providing them with information that might help them combat insurgents. Asked about the telecommunications shutdown’s drawbacks, Aruwan claimed the policy was not intended to harm the people, but rather an effort to improve security in the state.

“The benefits of the shutdown exceed the downsides,” he stated.

Former FCT protocol director and 2019 Zamfara State gubernatorial candidate Alhaji Sagir Hamidu’s driver Felix Shekari has spoken out to Daily Trust for the first time since the event, describing how the robbers opened fire on their car.

According to him, the bandits emerged from the woods at approximately 3:00 p.m. and started firing at random.

Other cars were ahead of them, but Shekari insisted that their escort pilot vehicle was in the backseat behind them.

“I spotted other cars in front of us attempting to do a U-turn and I quickly attempted to turn as well to go back to Kaduna but as I turned, four gunmen came in front of us and began fire on our vehicle,” he said.

This is what happened: They were aiming at me and the car, but when I saw that the vehicle wasn’t bulletproof, I decided to flee the scene. A few seconds after unlocking the seatbelt, I fled into the woods.

In order to avoid being abducted, “I walked into the jungle and hid in the next settlement for 40 minutes, during which time I heard multiple gunshots.”

It wasn’t until an hour later that Shekari went to the site and saw Alhaji Hamidu in a pool of his own blood that he realized the bandits were responsible for his boss’s death.

A private hospital in Katari, where the sufferer received first assistance, was the destination for the man’s transfer to Abuja, where he died. That Hamidu was shot in the chest and leg, causing a lot of blood loss, according to him.

When our reporter spoke with the driver, he described the criminals as wearing masks and military-style camouflage. To him, the passing of his late employer was a tragedy that affected not just his family but the whole nation.

Another relative told Daily Trust that the late Hamidu was in the car with another person who is suspected of being kidnapped at the time of his death.

Three people were in the automobile, including the driver. “The driver fled, Alhaji Sagir Hamidu was slain, and the other individual is missing,” he said.

According to security expert Dr Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu, the only way to stop highway assaults is by coordinating and cooperating with all of the different security organizations, not by increasing their numbers.

Because multiple security agencies were patrolling and bandits were still carrying out daring assaults, Dr. Aliyu said in an interview with Daily Trust that the approach of resolving the issue had failed.

“I believe there is a critical need for an intelligence network in that region,” he said.

“I am not saying that the security agencies are not functioning, but I believe their plan is not working and it is not in any way close fixing the issue at this time,” he added.

Drones and operatives implanted in the community are also necessary, he added.

The analyst explained that the purpose of cutting off communications along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway was to help reduce security risks, but that “the network disconnection appears not to be working the way it is expected because the bandits have realized that it is even easy for them to conduct an operation and leave before the incident is reported to security agents.”..

Five security operations and groups have been dispatched to the Kaduna-Abuja highway, according to Daily Trust, but sources say they are working against one other.

The Nigerian Army’s 1 Women Special Operations Battalion sent 100 of its female troops to Kaduna State in January 2021 to help the state’s security along the Trans-Nigeria Expressway. However, it’s not certain whether the remaining 200 female troops were subsequently sent out.

As stated by the Nigerian Army prior to their deployment, the female troops will serve as a support force for Operation Thunder Strike as well as other operations in the surrounding areas.

Special Task Force and the Police Intelligence Response Team are only two of the many units on the road.

There has been no withdrawal of soldiers from the Abuja-Kaduna route, according to Nigerian Army spokesperson Brig. Gen. Onyema Nwachukwu.

Even though a senior military official assured one of our journalists by phone that the men were usually on patrol on the road, he promised to dig out additional information and come back to Daily Trust.

“I believe there are military stationed there.” Along that stretch of road, I’m sure there are military stationed. According to Nwachukwu, who was responding to a question from the Daily Trust, troops are always patrolling that stretch of road.

Public Relations Officer Frank Mba’s cell phone was unreachable, therefore attempts to contact him were unsuccessful.

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