UAE Lifts Flights Ban On Nigeria

uae lifts flights ban on nigeria
uae lifts flights ban on nigeria

On Thursday, August 5, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) lifted the ban on Nigerian travellers five months after it was imposed.

UAE authorities announced on Emirates’ website that, as of 5 August 2021, eligible travellers from Nigeria and ten other countries will be able to travel to/through the UAE.

India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Vietnam, South Africa, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

In the short notice, Emirates stated, “We will publish details of the latest protocols and requirements on our travel requirements page as soon as they are available.”

According to the Shauntv scheduled flights between Nigeria and the UAE have been suspended since March due to a diplomatic row over Covid-19 protocols.

The Nigerian Government stipulates a negative PCR test as a requirement for visitors to Dubai, but the UAE added a rapid antigen test as an additional requirement, which the Nigerian government rejected, resulting in the airline being barred from flying into Nigeria.

Despite the lifting of the ban, Emirates suspended flights to Nigeria on the instructions of the UAE government.

It has been reported by Shauntv that the Lagos-Dubai and Abuja-Dubai routes are among the most lucrative for airlines. Ticket sales on these routes make travel agencies fortunes as well.

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