Ugandans got water for Covid-19 vaccine, experts confirm

ugandans got water for covid 19 vaccine, experts confirm
ugandans got water for covid 19 vaccine, experts confirm

Over 800 people and an undisclosed number of clients of several companies in the Kampala Metropolitan area received fake Covid-19 shots, according to Ugandan authorities.

Several samples from the batch of vaccines were tested for results in the report.

According to Dr. Warren Naamara, director of State House health monitoring unit, several individuals and companies have been duped by suspects in this matter.

Between May 15 and June 17, they were injected with the fake vaccines, he said.

Doctor Naamara reported Monday that some suspected fake Covid-19 vaccine vials were sent to the Wandegeya analytical laboratory and the National Drug Authority (NDA) for examination.

As a result, the NDA sent samples to Serum Institute of India, manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines & immuno-biologicals, for comparison with genuine vaccines.

There is no evidence that this batch was ever sold in Uganda and the product label details were falsified according to the Serum Institute of India.

Furthermore, the Government Analytical Laboratory has determined that the seized vaccines did not resemble genuine vials.

According to Dr Naamara, the fake vaccines were more water-based than anything else.

He noted, however, that the population that received the fake jabs was not poisoned.

People and corporate partners who have been vaccinated by the suspect still at large at a fee are advised to take advantage of the free Covid-19 vaccination offered at the Ministry of Health-approved vaccination facilities, said Xie.

As a consequence of the forgery occurring outside the facility, the public should continue receiving vaccinations at Kiswa Health Centre IV.

Police from State House have arrested so far two nurses from Nakawa, Kampala, on charges of administering fake vaccines to people.

The two were remanded to Kitalya Prison.

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