A fresh support package from the UK includes 6,000 missiles for Ukraine

a fresh support package from the uk includes 6000 missiles for ukraine
a fresh support package from the uk includes 6000 missiles for ukraine

Approximately 6,000 additional defensive missiles will be provided to Ukraine, as well as nearly £30 million ($40 million) to sustain BBC coverage in the region and pay Ukrainian soldiers and pilots.

According to his office, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce the additional package of help on Thursday at the NATO and G7 leaders’ summits, as well as signaling a desire to further strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

“The United Kingdom will work with our partners to reinforce Ukraine’s defenses as they turn the tide in this struggle,” Johnson said.

“After a month of this turmoil, the world community must make a decision. We can either keep the candle of freedom burning in Ukraine or risk having it extinguished across Europe and the rest of the world.”

The UK will send 6,000 missiles and £25 million in financial support to the Ukrainian military as part of the deal. It will also give the BBC World Service 4.1 million pounds to bolster its Ukrainian and Russian language services and combat disinformation.

With the new pledge, Britain will have provided up to 10,000 missiles, in addition to the 400 million pounds in humanitarian and economic aid already committed.

Additional aid for Kyiv is anticipated to be unlocked at Thursday’s NATO summit in Brussels, including equipment to help Ukraine defend against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

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