Africa in a hostage in the war with Russia – Zelenskiy

Africa in a hostage in the war with Russia - Zelenskiy
Africa in a hostage in the war with Russia – Zelenskiy

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine stated on Monday that Africa is a “hostage” in the conflict with Russia, which has contributed to the continent’s soaring food prices.

The escalating crisis has caused the prices of grains, cooking oils, fuel, and fertiliser rising in African countries.

Russia and Ukraine account for roughly a third of the world’s wheat supply, while Russia is also a big producer of fertiliser and Ukraine is a significant exporter of corn and sunflower oil.

In an address to leaders of the African Union, Zelenskiy stated that the continent was caught in a scenario not of its own design.

“In a moment of emergency, when we are at war, I address you. When Africa is genuinely held as a captive in the event of a global disaster. Held captive by those who initiated the war against our nation, “Zelenskiy stated in a video address to the Bureau of the African Union Assembly.

“This conflict may seem quite remote to you and your nation. But dramatically rising food prices have already made this a reality for millions of African households.”

Moscow denies allegations that it obstructs grain exports from Ukraine on purpose and attributes global food and fuel price increases to Western sanctions implemented in response to the February 24 invasion, which it terms a “special military operation.”

Senegal’s President Macky Sall stated in early June that Russian President Vladimir Putin had told him he was prepared to allow the shipment of Ukrainian grain to alleviate a worldwide food crisis that was disproportionately impacting Africa.

After Zelenskiy’s address on Monday, Sall, who is also the leader of the African Union, stated on Twitter that the continent remained committed to international law, peaceful conflict resolution, and free trade.

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