After being forced to do “terrorist crimes” in Ukraine, Russian troops warn Putin

after being forced to do terrorist crimes in ukraine russian troops warn putin
after being forced to do terrorist crimes in ukraine russian troops warn putin

We’ll rise against you, Russian troops who were forced to carry out ‘terror strikes’ in Ukraine have told President Putin.

According to Moscow, the explosion of Mariupol’s maternity hospital on March 9 was an act of neo-Nazism.

“You will not conceal this for long,” said three Russian pilots, according to CNN. “Many” servicemen share these sentiments and we will return home “sooner or later,” they said.

For their ‘horrifying atrocities against ‘innocent Ukrainian population,’ they blamed the Russian leaders, and warned that ‘you cannot forgive such actions.

In Russian jet pilot Maxim’s words, “I don’t know what may justify, f***, the tears of a kid, or even worse the lives of innocent people, children.”

Demilitarizing Ukraine and defeating the Ukrainian military are not the only issues at hand; towns populated by innocent civilians are also being levelled.

Several Russian troops who were captured by Ukrainian forces have made similar accusations, and this has generated suspicions among some observers that the military are being compelled to criticise Moscow.

Though the three pilots were not handcuffed, CNN stated that Ukrainian officials did not attempt to control the interview’s content and that they did not appear to be speaking under duress.

Russia attacked a maternity facility in Mariupol, Ukraine, on March 9, killing four people, including a pregnant lady, who gave birth to a stillborn child a few days later.

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