Anti-war protester disrupts live news programming on Russian state TV

anti war protester disrupts live news programming on russian state tv
anti war protester disrupts live news programming on russian state tv

On Monday, an anti-war demonstrator disrupted a live news broadcast on Russia’s official television Channel One, brandishing a placard behind the studio presenter and chanting anti-Ukraine sentiments.

The placard stated in both English and Russian: “THERE IS NO WAR. Stop the war. Don’t fall for propaganda. They’re deceiving you here.” Another text that appeared to be “Russians opposed war” was partially hidden.

The remarkable act of dissent occurred on day 19 of the conflict, which began on February 24 when Russia invaded Ukraine in what it calls a special military operation.

“Stop the war. War must be avoided “As russian state tv anchor continued to read from her teleprompter, The woman protester could be heard saying.

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For many seconds, the protester could be seen and heard until the station turned to a another broadcast, removing her off the screen.

“Wow, that lady is cool,” tweeted Kira Yarmysh, a spokesperson for imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

She shared a video of the event, which rapidly surpassed 2.6 million views.

State television is the primary source of news for many millions of Russians, and it closely supports the Kremlin narrative that Russia was compelled to intervene in Ukraine to demilitarise and “denazify” the nation, as well as to safeguard Russian-speakers from “genocide.” Ukraine and the majority of the rest of the world have criticised this as a sham justification for an invasion of a democratic nation.

The lady was identified as Marina Ovsyannikova, an employee of the channel, by OVD-Info, an independent protest monitoring group, and by the leader of the Agora human rights group. the woman protester disrupts live news programming on Russian state TV

According to Pavel Chikov, the chairman of Agora, she was detained and transferred to a police station in Moscow. According to Tass, citing a law enforcement source, she may face prosecution under a legislation against disparaging the armed forces.

The legislation, which went into effect on March 4, makes public activities intended at undermining Russia’s army unlawful, as well as the spreading of fake news or the “public broadcast of deliberately incorrect information concerning the usage of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.” The crime carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

A lady who looked to be Ovsyannikova claimed herself as a Channel One employee in a video filmed before the event and shared online, saying she was sorry to having worked for years propagating Kremlin propaganda. Her father was Ukrainian, and her mother was Russian, she said.

“What is occurring in Ukraine right now is a crime, and Russia is the aggressor. Only one individual bears responsibility for such attack, and that man’s name is Vladimir Putin “She stated.

“Now the entire world has turned away from us, and the humiliation of this fratricidal conflict will not be washed away by the next ten generations of our descendants,” she remarked.

She urged Russians to take to the streets and protest.

Authorities have dispersed anti-war demonstrations. A total of 14,911 individuals have been arrested, according to OVD-Info, which monitors protests and provides legal support to those imprisoned.

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