Missiles fired by Russia hit area near airport in Lviv, Ukraine

missiles fired by russia hit area near airport in lviv ukraine
missiles fired by russia hit area near airport in lviv ukraine

According to Lviv’s mayor, Andriy Sadovy, Russian missiles struck an area near the airport on Friday, but he noted that the airport itself had not been attacked.

He promised to provide updates as soon as they were made available by the authorities.

It was previously reported that there had been at least three explosions.

On Friday morning, at least three explosions were heard near Lviv’s airport, with videos on social media showing massive explosions and mushroom-shaped plumes of smoke rising.

Andriy Sadovy, the mayor of Lviv, stated that several missiles targeted an aircraft maintenance plant, demolishing structures but inflicting no deaths.

So far, the city has escaped severe combat.

Despite failures on the battlefield and punishing sanctions imposed by the West, Russian President Vladimir Putin shows no signs of relenting.

His government says it expects China to assist Russia in weathering economic downturns.

The US, which promised $800 million in fresh military aid to Kiev this week, is concerned that China is “considering directly assisting Russia with military assets to deploy in Ukraine,” according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

President Joe Biden, who has called Putin a “murderous dictator,” would tell Chinese President Xi Jinping in a phone call on Friday that China “will bear responsibility for whatever steps it takes to assist Russia’s aggression,” according to Blinken.

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