Poland expel 45 Russian diplomats suspected of spying

poland expel 45 russian diplomats suspected of spying
poland expel 45 russian diplomats suspected of spying

On Wednesday, Poland’s foreign ministry announced the expulsion of 45 Russian diplomats accused of working for Russian intelligence.

The claims, according to Russia, are unfounded.

Relations between Russia and nations in Central Europe that were previously part of its sphere of influence have long been tense, but the invasion of Ukraine has heightened fears and suspicions about Moscow’s ambitions.

“A total of 45 people with various diplomatic status… have been asked to leave the Republic of Poland within five days,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lukasz Jasina said during a press briefing.

He stated that one guy had been given 48 hours to leave.

“Russia is our neighbor; it will not vanish from Europe’s map, but its action against Ukraine demonstrates that it is an unfriendly and even hostile state to Poland.”

According to him, the 45 diplomats who were expelled comprised roughly half of the embassy’s current staff.

Earlier, Special Services spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn informed reporters that Poland’s Internal Security Agency has identified 45 people as working for Russian intelligence.

The Russian ambassador to Warsaw has been called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following that, he stated that the accusations leveled against the officials are without merit.

“They’ll have to leave. This is a sovereign choice made by the Polish government, and they have the right to make it “Outside the ministry, Ambassador Sergey Andreev told reporters.

Andreev stated that Russia has the right to take more steps, without specifying what those steps would be.

The decision by Poland to expel the diplomats follows similar moves by the Baltic republics and Bulgaria.

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