Rocket strike on a rail evacuation hub claimed 50 lives in Ukraine

rocket strike on a rail evacuation hub claimed 50 lives in ukraine
rocket strike on a rail evacuation hub claimed 50 lives in ukraine

A rocket assault on a train station crowded with civilians fleeing the possibility of a massive Russian offensive in Ukraine killed at least 50 people and injured many more, according to Ukraine.

While regional authorities rushed to evacuate the vulnerable, European Union officials arrived in Kyiv to offer President Volodymyr Zelenskiy support and reassure him that Ukraine would be able to join the EU.

The strike on the station in Kramatorsk, Donetsk’s eastern area, was described by Zelenskiy as a “deliberate attack on people.” The mayor of the town believed approximately 4,000 people were present at the time.

The station was targeted by a Tochka U short-range ballistic missile bearing cluster bombs, which detonate in mid-air, dispersing small fatal bomblets over a larger area, according to regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko.

“They intended to cause panic and anxiety, and they wanted to take as many civilians as they could,” he said, adding that train evacuations from the area, where Ukrainian officials expect a fresh Russian offensive, will continue.

What transpired in Kramatorsk could not be verified by Shauntv.

Cluster weapons are prohibited by a 2008 accord. It has not been signed by Russia, although it has repeatedly denied employing such weapons in Ukraine.

According to RIA news agency, Russia’s defence ministry claimed the missiles that hit the station were exclusively employed by Ukraine’s military and that Russia’s armed forces had no targets designated in Kramatorsk on Friday.

There were no Ukrainian forces at the station, according to Zelenskiy. In a video speech to Finland’s parliament, he stated, “Russian soldiers (fired) on an ordinary train stop, on regular people.”

Mayor of Kramatorsk Oleksander Honcharenko reported that some of the attack’s victims had lost a limb or an arm. “The hospitals are doing roughly 40 operations at the same time,” he said in an online briefing.

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