Russia claims it bombed a retail mall in Kyiv because it was storing missiles

russia claims it bombed a retail mall in kyiv because it was storing missiles
russia claims it bombed a retail mall in kyiv because it was storing missiles

Russia claimed it targeted a Kyiv shopping mall with high-precision long-range missiles on Monday because Ukrainian forces were using it as a rocket storage and reloading station.

The Kyiv retail centre was targeted late Sunday, killing at least eight people and destroying neighbouring buildings, leaving burning mounds of rubble and the twisted wreckage of burned-out automobiles strewn across several hundred metres.

“The lands around the shopping centre were utilised as a huge base for storing rocket ammunition and reloading multiple rocket launchers,” said Igor Konashenkov, a spokesperson for the Defense Ministry.

“On the night of March 21, high-precision long-range weapons destroyed a battery of Ukrainian multiple rocket launchers and an ammo depot in a non-functioning retail mall,” he claimed.

According to Konashenkov, Ukraine was utilising the retail centre as a weapons store and reloading station, as evidenced by video.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, the displacement of ten million people, and worries of a larger conflict between Russia and the United States.

The “special military operation” in Ukraine, according to President Vladimir Putin, is required because the US is using Ukraine to threaten Russia. He said that Russia had to protect itself against Ukraine’s “genocide” of Russian-speaking people.

Ukraine maintains it is battling for its survival against a land grab akin to that of Russian imperialism, and that Putin’s allegations of genocide are false.

The West has placed broad sanctions on Russia, which the Kremlin claims amount to an economic declaration of war by the US and its allies. China has urged restraint.

Moscow claims that Western media has portrayed the battle in a one-sided manner, omitting Russian views.

“We would like to remind Western media once more: we have provided comprehensive proof indicating that the Kyiv nationalistic government has utilised civilian objects as artillery and rocket system firing sites in residential districts of Kyiv and other cities,” Konashenkov stated.

According to Konashenkov, Russia’s action is being carried out by a competent and well-armed army, and he refuted Ukrainian assertions that Russian forces had targeted any civilian targets.

Ukrainian accusations of Russian troop and equipment losses were denounced as “propaganda falsehoods” by him.

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