Russian oligarch Abramovich’s yacht cruises off Turkey

russian oligarch abramovichs yacht cruises off turkey
russian oligarch abramovichs yacht cruises off turkey

According to ship monitoring data, a superyacht linked to sanctioned Russian businessman Roman Abramovich was cruising a few kilometres (miles) off the coast of southwest Turkey on Monday, after passing through European Union seas in recent days.

Last week, Russian Abramovich was added to an EU blacklist that already includes hundreds of wealthy Russians, and EU nations have taken action to confiscate their boats and other expensive properties.

President Vladimir Putin and his supporters are being isolated by world nations over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which the Kremlin refers to as a “special operation.”

Abramovich arrived in Moscow last week after flying in from Istanbul on his private plane. It was the second journey in three days by a plane linked to Abramovich between the Turkish city and the Russian capital, according to flight monitoring data.

According to the tracking site Marine Traffic, the 140-meter (460-foot) yacht Solaris, which sails under the Bermuda flag, left a Barcelona shipyard where it had been receiving repairs on March 8.

It took off from Montenegro’s Adriatic tourist town of Tivat on March 13 with the intended objective of Turkey, and has recently circled the Greek island of Crete. On Monday, it was 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) off Turkey’s coast, moving for the Datca resort, according to the monitoring site.

The superyacht was built in a German shipyard and sailed for the first time in early 2018. According to claims in luxury goods periodicals SuperYachtFan, SuperYacht Times, and Forbes, it is one of a line of boats owned by Abramovich.

A number of entities have been announced as bids for Abramovich’s English soccer club Chelsea. Following Russia’s incursion, he was also subjected to British government sanctions.

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