U.N urges investigation into deaths of hundreds of civilians in Ukraine

u.n urges investigation into deaths of hundreds of civilians in ukraine
u.n urges investigation into deaths of hundreds of civilians in ukraine

In the three weeks since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 700 people, including 52 children, have been murdered, according to U.N. political affairs head Rosemary DiCarlo.

“As a result of the employment of explosive weapons in populous areas, many people were killed and injured. Hospitals and schools, as well as hundreds of residences, have been damaged or destroyed “Dicarro said.

According to her, the United Nations human rights organisation has registered 726 fatalities, including 52 children, and 1,174 injuries, including 63 minors, from February 24 to March 15. No one was named as the culprit by DiCarlo.

“There can be no doubt about the severity of the casualties suffered by civilians and the devastation caused to civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. Due diligence and responsibility are required here “she remarked.

According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus’s testimony to the Security Council, the WHO has documented 43 attacks on healthcare facilities in Ukraine that have killed 12 people and injured dozens more, including health professionals.

As Tedros explained before the council, “attacks against healthcare constitute a breach of international humanitarian law in any conflict.”

Accusations of Russian attacks on civilians have been made by Ukraine and its Western supporters. As part of a “special operation,” Russia’s military is hitting Ukraine’s military infrastructure, not people. Russia denies assaulting civilians in Ukraine.

officials believe a Russian-drafted demand for humanitarian access and safety for Ukraine’s civilians is doomed to fail since it does not ask for an end to combat or Russian army departure.

According to Ferit Hoxha, Albania’s UN Ambassador, “We think it is unacceptable” on Thursday. “Russia can’t come in as a doctor after shooting first.”

If the United Nations votes in favour of Russia’s resolution, it will be granting Moscow permission to continue its war.

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