Ukraine forces may retreat as Russia approaches eastern

ukraine forces may retreat as russia approaches eastern
ukraine forces may retreat as russia approaches eastern

Ukraine stated on Friday that its forces may have to evacuate from their last pocket of resistance in Luhansk to prevent being taken by Russian troops pressing a swift advance in the east that has altered the war’s dynamic.

A retreat might put Vladimir Putin closer to his objective of conquering the entirety of the Luhansk and Donetsk areas of Ukraine. While razing certain villages to the ground, his forces have gained territory in the Donbas region.

The governor of Luhansk, Serhiy Gaidai, stated that Russian troops had reached Sievierodonetsk, the largest Donbas city still held by Ukraine, after attempting to trap Ukrainian forces there for many days. According to Gaidai, 90% of the town’s structures were damaged.

“The Russians will not be able to seize the Luhansk region in the coming days, contrary to what analysts have projected,” Gaidai stated on Telegram, referring to Sievierodonetsk and its twin city Lysychansk on the opposite bank of the Siverskiy Donets River.

“We shall be able to defend ourselves with sufficient strength and resources. Nevertheless, we may have to retire in order to avoid being surrounded.”

The separatist proxies of Moscow announced that they now hold Lyman, a railway hub located west of Sievierodonetsk. Ukraine reported that Russia had seized the majority of Lyman, but that its forces were preventing an advance on Sloviansk, a city located a half-drive hour’s to the southwest.

Overnight, Oleskiy Arestovych, a presidential adviser from Ukraine, stated that the well-organized assault on Lyman demonstrated that the Russian military, which in March was pushed out of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, was enhancing its tactics and operations.

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