Zakrzewski’s Fox News cameraman killed while reporting in Ukraine

zakrzewskis fox news cameraman killed while reporting in ukraine
zakrzewskis fox news cameraman killed while reporting in ukraine

Cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski of Fox News was murdered in Ukraine after his vehicle was hit by incoming fire, the American network announced on Tuesday.

On Monday, Zakrzewski, 55, and another Fox News journalist, Benjamin Hall, were attacked near the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, according to a memo from Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott. Hall is still in the hospital, but he is improving.

As the second journalist to lose his life while reporting the situation in Ukraine, he leaves behind a void. Russian soldiers killed American filmmaker and journalist Brent Renaud in the town of Irpin in Ukraine’s Kyiv area on Sunday, according to a regional police official.

Zakrzewski was a seasoned combat photographer who had worked for Fox News in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, among other hotspots. Since February, he’d been working in Ukraine from London.

According to Scott, Zakrzewski was a “multi-talented journalist” who worked “under incredible pressure with amazing expertise” in several capacities, including those of a photographer, an engineer, an editor, and a producer.

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