British journalist and native specialist Found dead in Brazil

british journalist and native specialist found dead in brazil
british journalist and native specialist found dead in brazil

The bodies of British journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous specialist Bruno Pereira, who had been missing for more than a week in the Amazon jungle of Brazil, were discovered on Monday, according to a report from news source G1 citing Dom Phillips’ widow.

On Sunday, clothing belonging to Pereira and a health identity card in his name were discovered, together with a rucksack containing clothing belonging to Phillips and the boots of both men.

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G1 reported that authorities have not yet confirmed that the bodies have been discovered.

On June 5th, according to witnesses, Pereira and Phillips, a free-lance journalist who has written for the Guardian and the Washington Post, were spotted travelling down this river.

The two guys were on a reporting expedition in the isolated rainforest region along the border with Peru and Colombia, which is home to the world’s largest population of uncontacted indigenous people. Cocaine-smuggling gangs, illegal loggers, miners, and hunters have been drawn to the lawless and rugged terrain.

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