British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign

british prime minister boris johnson to resign
british prime minister boris johnson to resign

Boris Johnson will announce his resignation as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Thursday, according to a government source, after being abandoned by ministers and Conservative Party MPs who deemed him unable to lead.

In the previous two hours, eight ministers, including two secretary of state, resigned, leaving an isolated and helpless Johnson poised to accept the inevitable and announce his resignation later.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson resigns

His Downing Street office announced that Johnson would address the nation at a later time.

After days of fighting for his position, Johnson had been abandoned by all but a few of allies, whose desire to back him had been eroded by a succession of scandals.

On Twitter, Justin Tomlinson, the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, stated, “His resignation was inevitable.” “We must rapidly unite as a party and concentrate on what counts. This is a period of grave concern on many fronts.”

Now, the Conservatives must select a new leader, a process that might take up to two months.

Johnson’s finance minister, Nadhim Zahawi, who was only appointed to his position on Tuesday, urged his boss to leave as an indication of his dwindling support after one of the most chaotic twenty-four hours in recent British political history.

On Twitter, he stated, “This is unsustainable and will only grow worse: for you, the Conservative Party, and most importantly, the entire country.” You must do the right thing and leave immediately.

Some of those who remained in their positions, notably the defence minister Ben Wallace, explained that they had an obligation to keep the nation safe.

The number of cabinet resignations had rendered the administration paralysed.

Johnson came to power nearly three years ago with the promise of delivering Britain’s exit from the European Union and rescuing it from the terrible infighting that preceded the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Since then, some Conservatives have warmly supported the former journalist and London mayor, while others have supported him despite their qualms, because he was able to appeal to voters who typically rejected their party.

The election in December 2019 confirmed this. Opinion polls indicate that he is no longer popular with the general people, as a result of his administration’s confrontational and frequently chaotic approach to governance and a series of scandals.

Chris Pincher, a legislator who held a government position involving pastoral care, was forced to resign amid allegations that he molested men in a private members’ club.

Johnson was required to issue an apology after it was revealed that he had been informed that Pincher had been the subject of prior sexual misconduct charges before to his appointment. The prime minister claimed forgetfulness.

This occurred after months of scandals and errors, including a devastating report into alcoholic parties at his Downing Street apartment and office that violated tight COVID-19 lockdown rules and got him fined for a 56th birthday party.

In addition, there have been policy reversals, an unsuccessful defence of a politician who violated lobbying laws, and accusations that he has not done enough to combat inflation, despite the fact that many Britons are having to deal with rising fuel and food costs.

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