Queen Elizabeth declares that her life will be dedicated to service

queen elizabeth declares that her life will be dedicated to service
queen elizabeth declares that her life will be dedicated to service

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who was unable to attend Monday’s Commonwealth Day church service because she was 95 years old, issued a statement on behalf of the British people vowing to devote the rest of her life to service.

After nearly half a century of attending London’s Westminster Abbey, the Queen has decided she would not be attending this year’s annual Commonwealth service because of her deteriorating health.

Shauntv reported that queen Queen Elizabeth would skip next week’s Commonwealth Service, her first public appearance since physicians recommended her to rest. READ MORE

Queen Elizabeth II’s heir-apparent, Prince Charles, was named as her representative by the Palace. The choice was not tied to any illness, but rather to the hardship of travelling from her Windsor Castle estate to the west of London, where she was staying.

Her statement to the Commonwealth, a group of 54 former British colonies, which she commands, reads: “It has given me joy to repeat the commitment I made to myself in 1947, that my life will always be committed to service.”

She spent a night in the hospital in October and has been confined to her responsibilities ever since, after doctors ordered her to rest following the death of her husband Prince Philip in April.

After being diagnosed with a slight case of the flu last month, she recovered in time to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau only last week.

Following her 70th birthday celebration in February, a royal source claimed she would resume her customary activities, and despite backing out of Monday’s service, the palace stated that she will continue with other in-person commitments this week.

Historians argue that Elizabeth’s reign was marked by the success of the British Empire’s demise and the creation of the Commonwealth.

According to her message: “It is pleasant to watch a contemporary, lively and connected Commonwealth that incorporates the tremendous social, cultural and technical advancements of our time with a rich heritage of history and culture.”

“The fact that the Commonwealth continues to rise is a testament to everyone who has been engaged.”

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