Russia celebrates Johnson’s demise, stating, “We don’t like him.”

Russia celebrates Johnson's demise, stating, "We don't like him."
Russia celebrates Johnson’s demise, stating, “We don’t like him.”

On Thursday, Russian elites queued up to celebrate the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with a major businessman describing Johnson as a “stupid clown” who had received his just retribution for arming Ukraine against Russia.

Johnson was expected to announce his resignation after ministers and Conservative Party legislators abandoned him, claiming he was no longer competent to lead. The Kremlin stated that it, too, was not a fan of the British leader, whose parents named him Boris after an emigrant from White Russia.

“He doesn’t like us, we don’t like him either,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. According to him, predictions that Johnson might resign as prime minister in the near future were of little significance to the Kremlin.

Other Russians exhibited greater brutality.

Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch, stated on Telegram that it was a “inglorious end” for a “stupid clown” whose conscience will be marred by “tens of thousands of lives lost in this pointless battle in Ukraine.”

Maria Zakharova, the chief spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry, stated that Johnson’s downfall was a sign of the West’s political, ideological, and economic catastrophe.

Zakharova stated, “The moral of the story is to not want to destroy Russia.” “Russia cannot be annihilated. It can break your teeth and then cause you to choke on them.”

Even before President Vladimir Putin authorised the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Johnson had consistently criticised Putin, portraying him as a harsh and probably deranged Kremlin leader whose insane goals threatened the world.

After the invasion, Johnson made Britain one of the largest Western supporters of Ukraine, supplying weaponry, imposing some of the harshest sanctions in recent history on Russia, and pressing Ukraine to beat the huge Russian military.

Some in Kyiv affectionately referred to Johnson as “Borys Johnsoniuk” because of his strong support for Ukraine. Occasionally, he concluded his remarks with “Slava Ukraini” or “glory to Ukraine.”

Johnson, the face of the 2016 Brexit campaign who won a resounding political victory in 2019 before taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, told the Russian people in February that he did not believe the “needless and bloody” conflict was in their name while speaking in stilted Russian.

Russia has consistently rejected him as an ill-prepared fool attempting to overplay Britain’s genuine strength.

Zakharova painted him with glee as the cause of his own demise.

She stated, “Boris Johnson was struck by a boomerang he launched himself.” His buddies in arms betrayed him.

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