Protesters in Haiti set fire to a US missionary plane

protesters in haiti set fire to a us missionary plane
protesters in haiti set fire to a us missionary plane

According to local media reports and an Agape spokeswoman, Haitian protestors protesting against crime in the city of Les Cayes on Tuesday destroyed an aircraft belonging to the American missionary organisation Agape Flights.

According to a video of the event shot by online media outlet Cayes Infos, the demonstrators approached the local airport in Les Cayes despite police firing tear gas at them.

Hundreds of people can be seen approaching the jet and pushing it down the tarmac in the footage. The plane was eventually discovered on a street near the airport, where it had been set on fire.

“Our crew on the ground is safe, and we’re making plans to bring them back safely,” said a spokesperson for Agape Flights, a missionary organization located in Venice, Florida that transports mail and humanitarian assistance to Caribbean countries.

According to the spokesperson, the group is still gathering information regarding the event.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry criticized the event on Twitter, calling it “subversive” and demanding that the culprits be probed.

He added, “I strongly condemn the demonstration violence that culminated in the burning of a jet at Les Cayes airport.”

It was unclear why the demonstrators chose the jet as their target.

The event occurred after protestors requested that Henry’s administration do more to combat gang violence, including frequent kidnappings, in other regions of the country.

“There was no violence in the march,” Jean-Robert Argant, a member of the December 4 Collective, stated during a Port-au-Prince protest commemorating the 35th anniversary of the country’s constitution’s signing.

“(Haiti) is under siege from kidnappings and instability.”

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