UPDATE: The police say six people were abducted in UNIABUJA

update the police say six people were abducted in uniabuja
update the police say six people were abducted in uniabuja

At least six University of Abuja employees have been kidnapped, according to the Federal Capital Territory Police Command.

During the early hours of Tuesday morning, armed men burst into the staff quarters in the FCT’s GIRI district.

Prior to the abduction, a homeowner reported hearing occasional gunfire.

As the homeowner pointed out, the shooters had been firing for nearly two hours prior to their capture.

He said he had sent more tactical and traditional law enforcement resources to the University of Abuja (UNIABUJAmain )’s and satellite campuses in a statement issued by FCT Commissioner of Police, Babaji Sunday

His spies will also be stationed in university staff housing and other affiliate structures to beef up security, boost public safety, and safeguard students and the surrounding community.

He said that a police and Nigerian Army 176 Guards Battalion mixed team was quickly sent to the area for civilians’ protection.

Six (6) people were reportedly kidnapped into the forest after crooks saw the security officers, according to preliminary investigations, according to the official.

While urging people to remain calm, the CP also made it clear that local law enforcement and emergency personnel are already working together to rescue the victims.

He promised that anyone responsible will be apprehended and prosecuted.

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