Uzodinma: South East deserves compensation for the civil war’s devastation

uzodinma south east deserves compensation for the civil war's devastation
uzodinma south east deserves compensation for the civil war’s devastation

Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo state has requested that the federal government set up a special fund to recompense the south-east for the destruction of lives and property during the civil war.

When Uzodinma declared open a zonal public hearing on the review of the revenue allocation sharing formula on October 13 in Owerri, Imo state capital, he said the special fund would provide assistance to those who lost their properties and family members during the civil war. Uzodinma was speaking at that time.

RMAC (Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission) organized the event (RMAFC). It was his words, not mine.

“I believe the civil war debacles drove the south-east to a deep poverty level; homes were burned down, people were murdered,” Uzodinma remarked.

Because of the Boko Haram atrocities, a new legislation creating the North East Development Commission was passed just recently. However, the 30-month civil war that concluded in 1970 left the south-east destitute.

When it comes to how zone earnings are split, Governor Kasich stated that the south-east has experienced “severe injustice.”

Federal and state governments each get 52.68%, while local governments each receive 26.72%; the 774 local government areas collectively receive 20.60%.

He said that although Imo has seven oil firms, 43 of those wells were “incorrectly” assigned to Rivers.

As much as 25% of Bonny’s gas output is piped from Imo, but none of the money generated from it goes to the state, according to Uzodinma, since “pollution is endangering people’s lives and property.”

“It shouldn’t simply be about multi-billion dollar pipeline projects that drain oil and gas from the state,” the governor stated. “This leads to young restiveness, increased violence, and eventual fatalities.”

Imo is well-endowed with natural resources, in my opinion.

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