Vigilante office burnt in Umuahia by traders

vigilante office burnt in umuahia by traders
vigilante office burnt in umuahia by traders

Traders set ablaze the office of the state Vigilante Service (AVGS) aka “Bakassi Boys” on Monday, June 7. 

The office is located in the popular Umuahia Timber Market and was burned after the Bakassi boys were accused of killing a trader during a squabble with the state Board of Internal Revenue Service (ABIRS) which sealed shops over nonpayment of N18,000. 

Commander of the AVGS, Mr. Idika, who apologized for the burning of their office and van, denied that a trader was killed by his men. According to Idika; 

    “We have been to all the hospitals in Umuahia, including the Federal Medical Center (FMC), but we have not seen any victims of gunshot wounds or bodies from Timber Shed in any of the facilities.”

Geoffrey Ogbonna, a police spokesman, confirmed some traders were injured, but no one was killed.

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