We demanded $200,000 ransom for our victims in orlu – kidnapper

we demanded $200,000 ransom for our victims in orlu kidnapper
we demanded $200,000 ransom for our victims in orlu kidnapper

Chukwukadebia Nwanosike, a suspected kidnapper, revealed that his gang demanded $200,000 ransom for the release of their victims.

On Wednesday, September 22, on the eve of the Imo State Police Command, Owerri’s parade of suspects, Nwanosike said they were not paid anything for the release of the victims since their job was later busted by security officers.

During interrogation, the suspect mentioned other members of his syndicate, a 38-year-old man from Otulu in Oru West Local Government Area.

At his parade, he told journalists that he kept the two victims at his uncle’s house, and after five days, his gang members asked him to watch the place while they went outside to buy something, but he refused.

He said that fighting immediately ensued, adding that the victims escaped in the process.

Festus Ekeogu, another suspect, claimed he didn’t know their victim before they kidnapped him in Aladimma Owerri.

It was the first time Ekeogu, who claimed to be their driver, had done the business.

He stated that he was not a part of the people who sold the car he was given as his share.

A second suspect, Izuchukwu Duru, a native of Ogboko in Ideator South, told journalists that he got the pump action rifle from a security guard in Aguneri, Anambra State.

According to him, he owned a pump-action and a double-barrel gun, which he and his men would use to start another gang.

Duru said he was caught in his vehicle, which he used to transport something for a innocent person.

To avoid being identified by security personnel, he had hidden the pump-action rifle inside the load he was carrying.

The suspect stated that he boasted earlier on that he had a waybill with him until, after being tortured, he revealed he owned the pump-action and double-barrel gun.

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