We haven’t officially declared that Anambra will not hold elections – IPOB

we haven't officially declared that anambra will not hold elections ipob
we haven’t officially declared that anambra will not hold elections ipob

IPOB says that its official ‘no election’ day in Anambra State has not been declared.

It said in a statement released by its media and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, that it has no plans to attack South Easterners or South Southerners as it is preoccupied with its vision to actualize Biafra.

IPOB said that violence is not part of its philosophy, wondering how its members could be accused of attacking the very people they were fighting for.

Parts of the statement are as follows:

“It is important to note that contrary to speculations, IPOB has not officially declared ‘no election in Anambra State’. Our preoccupation is Biafra restoration.

Anybody equating IPOB strategy with Boko Haram terrorists, bandits and herdsmen is ignorant and mischievous. Many acclaimed Northerners don’t know what we are doing to restore Biafra.

We read with amusement, a fallacious media remark by one inconsequential Shekau, a self- acclaimed supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari where he displayed his ignorance and cluelessness about IPOB, our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and the goings-on in Biafra land.

As much as we would not want to dignify this amorphous fellow with a response, the pertinent question is: who is this Shekau without a surname that a national newspaper should publish?

It is a pity that this ignoble fellow and attention seeker compared a non-violent movement like IPOB to Boko Haram terrorists created and groomed by the North to kill Jewish and Christian adherents, Indigenous Northerners and security agents.

IPOB has seen numerous false propaganda in the past and we are not in any way moved by this latest vomit. We know the antics of our enemies who are never tired of sponsoring media lies to cover up their evil and rubbish our struggle for independence but we are not deterred.

Contrary to the vomit by this inconsequential fellow, IPOB has no plans to attack South Easterners and South Southerners. In the first place, violence is not part of our philosophy. Assuming we want to resort to violence, how can we attack our people whom we are fighting for?

It does not make any sense. But we know their motive for peddling this falsehood as our intelligent report confirm the importation and stockpiling of arms from Pakistan for their planned invasion of Biafraland but we are waiting for them.”
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