We’ll be chased out of Abuja if we don’t take care – Rotimi Amaechi

we'll be chased out of abuja if we don't take care rotimi amaechi
we’ll be chased out of abuja if we don’t take care rotimi amaechi

Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi has accused Nigeria’s political elites of burning its resources, saying such actions may have dire consequences.

The minister told Daily Trust that President Buhari is doing his best to bring the country back on track.

Insecurity due to hardship may affect the capital, according to Rivers’ two-term governor.

“What the president is saying is: Let’s build infrastructure. Our president may ask us how we are feeling when we reach Cape Town. As a Nigerian, you will feel ashamed because the political elites have wasted our resources and failed to put infrastructures in place.”

“The only thing you will hear about Nigeria is that you should come to Abuja, that it’s a fantastic city. Abuja, however, does not feed anyone. We risk being chased out of Abuja if we aren’t careful.

“When I was the speaker and later the governor, I once said we may wake up one day and be chased out of town by the young boys we deprived. How many big men are still living in their states? All of them have fled. Everyone is here in Abuja, which is protected because the president is here. The boys will be courageous one day, and we will be on the run.

“If we don’t follow what the president says about diversifying the economy and putting the necessary infrastructure in place, there will be no reason to remain united as Nigerians.”.

“People say that secession is the problem, but it is not. There are two main reasons for secession – economic deprivation and injustice. Is this government to blame for the injustice? I was there, so we should take action.

“The North has deprived people, just as the South has deprived people, as do westerners and easterners. As soon as the poor people of these regions unite as a people, all of us will run. I pray for the Nigerian elite that are leading this insurrection to be careful. They can divide the country as much as they want, but the day the poor men come together, we will run.”

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