With NIN, we have reduced kidnapping and banditry – Isa Pantami

with nin, we have reduced kidnapping and banditry isa pantami
with nin, we have reduced kidnapping and banditry isa pantami

Banditry and kidnapping have decreased, says Communication Minister Dr. Isa Pantami, since the office mandated that all Nigerians obtain National Identification Numbers.

In Abuja on Thursday, June 3, Pantami gave an account of his stewardship since taking office in 2019.

    “When I was assigned to supervise the sector on 24 August 2019, unregistered, and partial registered sims were being used to commit crimes. Nobody knew how many unregistered sims there were.

    With less than 15 days in the office, we engaged the NCC as a regulator. As a result, we have instructed them to carry out an audit in order to identify unregistered and partially registered SIMs. There are around 9.4 million of them, which is enough to populate another  country. For the first time, we didn’t know how many unregistered SIMs there were in the country.

    We further directed NCC, so that by 25th September 2019, which is only a month and a half from now, no unregistered SIM would be on our network by the end of September 2021. As a regulator, NCC implemented that effectively.

    You will find that even kidnapping and banditry reduced to the absolute minimum from September 2019 to 2020. During that time, you could hardly go one month or more  without hearing about kidnapping.

    The more policies you devise to make the system effective, the more criminals will devise a new strategy to compromise the policies.

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