Your grievances should be channeled to your representatives over Electoral Act

your grievances should be channeled to your representatives over electoral act
your grievances should be channeled to your representatives over electoral act

Ahmad Lawan has warned Nigerians against attacking presiding officers if they have strong feelings about some sections of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill currently before the National Assembly.

Committees of the National Assembly on INEC are putting the finishing touches on the draft bill, which is expected to be passed next week.

During the public hearings, the presiding officers of the National Assembly came under heavy criticism when it was reported that the panel had introduced a section that prohibited the electronic transmission of election results against the popular demands of stakeholders.

Lawan, however, said the proposed amendments to the Electoral Act were not the responsibility of the presiding officers.

Yesterday, he spoke at the inauguration of the newly reconstituted Public Complaints Commission by the National Assembly.

Lawan urged the critics to inform their representatives in the National Assembly of their grievances.

The National Assembly is preparing to amend the Electoral Act. By next week or within the next two weeks.

It is very important that those that feel strongly about any amendment that they think should be effected in the electoral act contact or speak with their representatives in the House of Representatives as well as Distinguished Senators.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that the presiding officers aren’t the ones to decide what happens.”

Femi Gbajabiamila, Speaker of the House of Representatives, urged the commission to ensure fairness and equity in public administration.

Regardless of ethnicity or religious preference, all the necessary elements of public administration must be brought to bear for the benefit of Nigerians and residents of Nigeria.

I urge you to portray the PCC as a veritable instrument for sanitizing public administration in the country in the course of your duties.

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